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The Risk Navigator

Preparing for recovery



Let’s design the future of hospitality together

We want to assure you that we are here for you and will do everything we can to support your safety & security needs, particularly during these uncertain times.

Sky Touch Global will continue to help you to protect your assets, and we are in a position to consult the hospitality sector in best practice COVID-19 strategies that have been qualified internationally.
We also understand the heightened importance of combining safety for guests & staff with customer services. For hotel guests, our COVID-19 Risk Navigators are ready and available to assist you and we provide the following solutions:

· Business Continuity Planning
· Risk Management
· Pandemic Response Planning,
· COVID-19 Training
· Team Coaching
· Developing Social Distancing Concepts
· Business Planning
· Supply Solutions
· Tailored Recovery Strategies
· Marketing of Safety & Security in the hospitality sector
· Target group oriented COVID-19 Signage
· Crisis Communication Planning
· Compliance Management
· COVID Safety Checks – Mystery Guest Program
· Asset Protection

Our Response
In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Sky Touch Global has transformed its Safety & Security Audit and the Global Lighthouse Certification Program to a new COVID-19 safety package to meet global demands. Sky Touch’s global partners around the globe are intensively involved from the beginning to contribute to combating the Coronavirus. At Sky Touch, we are calling our front liners COVID-19 Risk Navigators. In the last few months, our Risk Navigators worldwide were able to learn in critical infrastructure projects successful Social Distancing Measures and Curve Flattening Strategies.
For quality assurance purposes, we build a Consistency Barometer to measure the overall quality in each of the six categories. An early detection system that allows you to identify areas of improvement.

We have identified over 75 checkpoints to help hotels stay in business and our solution places a clear focus on the current global pandemic. We will continue to upgrade further elements to strengthen the risk mitigation strategy, focusing on additional best practices for the ever-changing environment that we encounter to control the risk.

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The COVID-19 Edition of the Global Lighthouse Certification Program is more
then just a safety audit and a certification!

What is a Navigator?

In the maritime industry, a navigator’s responsibility it is to safely andaccurately steer the ship. The navigator plans and charts the course, then points the ship in the right direction. In business, a Risk Navigator is that person who must identify, measure, and evaluate the many and various types of risks that can affect a business. We determine what could go wrong, evaluate the possible impacts on the business, then devise strategies to minimise, eliminate, or transfer the risk. We make it our mission to get back on course and to stay on course.

We are here to help you! Please get in contact with us to customise our help to you. We have been helping our clients with empathy for the last 6 years. These current circumstances have made us even more focused on being there for our valued customers. Click here to learn more about Sky Touch Global.