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Our part in your travel risk mitigation strategy

The Global Lighthouse Certification Program enables corporates to meet duty of care requirements for their employees staying in hotels.

Be 100 % compliant with corporate safety and security policies.

The hotel industry worldwide generally recognises 125 global hotel security standards as best practice. We provide support to the global hotel industry to meet the ever-increasing security challenges through our Global Lighthouse Certification Program. 125 Global standards have been chosen carefully by hotel security specialists and are split into 87 mandatory standards and 38 discretionary standards. This means the system is flexible and robust at the same time. Should your business require any additional certification standards (that are not listed in the 125 Standards), then we are able to add anytime further safety and security related audit points to the system, ensuring we cover all your corporate standards to 100 %. What is not covered in the 125 Global Hotel Security Standards can be covered with our Supplemental Audits solutions or a tailor-made Supplemental Audit.

We will conduct the audit for you worldwide, consistently and efficiently Corporate risk management strategies are expecting safe lodgings for their travelling executives and representatives since hotels serve as temporary extended workplaces.

Good reasons why booking in future only hotels that are certified.

  1. We go on site and assess the hotels worldwide where you prefer your employee’s stay, to ensure the hotels are compliant with your corporate safety and security policies
  2. We analyse and define for global corporate businesses what security solutions hotels need to implement to be compliant (based on global risks)
  3. Our security solution places a clear focus on Duty of Care not only for your employees but also for the employees working in the hotels. Because hotel employees have an obligation on a day-to-day basis for safety and security, they need to demonstrate to us that they have completed training in security awareness and emergency response, particularly at night. Indirectly, this means less risk for employees of your enterprise
  4. We independently certify hotels to confirm they are compliant with the required standards of the Global Lighthouse Certification Program so your executives and representatives are less exposed to risks during business trips.
  1. Mitigating the risks for corporates can save costs for everyone in the long run.
  2. When corporations select only hotels that meet global security standards for overnight or short stays, meetings, conferences and events this action will drive positive change in the hospitality industry, help raise security levels in hotels worldwide and create a safer environment for the community.
  3. Each certification is valid for 24 months. After the initial certification period, hotels have the option to re-certify for another 12 or 24 months.
  4. Each individual hotel or hotel group generally covers the costs of the certification.

Module – Diplomats and V.I.P. Security.

The safety and security for diplomats, celebrities, elite athletes and champion league sports teams require special security attention. The main concerns when looking at security concepts are acts of sabotage or penetrators causing major damage in or outside the hotel. In the worst case, it can lead to a withdrawal of an event from the hotel. Sky Touch can help hotels identify individual risks and prepare hotel operations for high profile events via a supplemental audit.

Corporations who have chosen your hotel as their venue, for example, Road Shows, Board of Director meetings, annual Shareholder Conventions etc. will automatically question if the venue has the necessary security standards. Security is a bottom line issue during high profile events.

This Supplemental security certification is another selling point in your conference and event brochure.

Module – High-Risk Protection.

Soft skills and professional expertise.

The High Risk Supplemental Audit can be conducted after undertaking a vulnerability assessment as the first step, and a physical security survey as step two, to identify specific weaknesses.* We assess the hotel property and the hotel operations from an independent and different point of view and work with hotel management to tailor a strategy to prevent attacks before they even occur. Looking at future trends, counter surveillance is one of the key words in high-risk hotel security.

In the vulnerability assessment and physical security survey for high-threat properties we focus on many areas including Perimeter Security, Access Control, Training, Car park Security, Window Protection, CCTV-Monitoring, Background checks, Screening, Security Management and Counter Surveillance.

We are aware that a hotel cannot be secured as can an airport terminal. Worldwide, many different costly concepts have been tried and proven ineffective. An IED (improvised explosive device) can be brought into a hotel in many different ways. Choosing a different approach, we look at intelligent and innovative methods to prevent a bombing or at least minimise the severity. There are effective solutions on the market that can save peoples’ lives. We will help you to find the right balance that suits your business plan.

 The vulnerability assessment and physical security survey are not part of the Supplemental Certification Program and are at an additional cost.