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About Sky Touch Global

Sky Touch Global is a specialized hotel consulting company based in Australia, specializing in risk management for the hotel industry. We provide premium hotel consulting services, safety & security audits, certifications, security training, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, and travel risk management consulting services. Our trend-setting health, safety & security standards focus on customer services and duty of care requirements in the hospitality sector.

Background: In the last six years, we have developed innovative safety and security solutions for hotels. We provide a range of independent services to hotels and the corporate market. We have been doing audits in hotels worldwide, conducted risk assessments, and specialised training programs in security. We also consult security providers who offer their services to hotels.


Anchor Point Audit Program

The Anchor Point Audit for Hotels has entirely replaced the existing Global Lighthouse Certification Program after eight years. COVID-19 significantly impacted the tourism industry, and hotels were forced to make many organizational changes that also affected safety & security management. Remeasuring the depth of defense of each hotel property also requires a new approach, and also we have optimized our audit process and developed new analytics. The latest audit program is a new baseline that caters to the new ISO 31030:2021 standard for travel risk management requirements.


Security Architecture

We assess hotel properties and hotel operations from an independent point of view and work with the hotel management closely to tailor a strategy to prevent harm to people in the hotel, as far as reasonably practicable, following the standards of good practice. We are specialized in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. CPTED plays an essential role in modern crime prevention. It is a delay tactic, a method of distraction, or a nuisance factor that can deter a criminal from committing a crime in a particular hotel property, and we help hotels to mitigate their risks.


Hotel Property Services

Our Hotel Property Services is a sophisticated One-Stop Solution based on extensive international experience in the hotel and real estate industry. We are a team of innovative Hotel Management Advisors, Risk Navigators, specialized Property Consultants, Passionate Renovators, and Business Facilitators, serving the buyer market looking for an investment opportunity in Asia.


Take The Awareness Course

What you will learn from case studies and exercises can be applied to every department in a hotel. The training is designed to refresh your security knowledge on a regular basis so you are prepared for the ‘real thing’.

Learn About The Awareness Course